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Greenwich's Premier Travel Baseball Program for Players 13-19 Years Old

Recent College Commitments:

Miles Langhorne - Vanderbilt, NCAA College World Series Champions
Toph Genaro - Fordham University
Jack Griffin - Hamilton College
Ben Nash - Kenyon College
Harrison Feinberg - University of Southern California
Zach Karson - Florida Southern College

Cannons COVID-19 Updates

As the Cannons coaches and staff monitor the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will update this page with any news or developments for the upcoming season.


June 7 Update:

Hi Cannons Families,

This is definitely the most exciting update sent so far. Lots of ground to cover as the State of CT has released their guidelines for youth sports gatherings. As of June 17, we could be back on the field.

Click here to view the full report.

Using these guidelines, we can create the exact social distancing rules that will govern our season. Expect coaches and officials to be wearing masks, kids to be spaced out on the bench, baseballs to be cleaned and disinfected, and for everyone to be using their own equipment. The full set of steps will be communicated soon. 


We have finalized plans for our Senior and Junior teams to play in a Fairfield County League with many of our usual FCIAC opponents. We had several league options for these teams. In the end, we chose to join a coalition of Fairfield County teams where we can control our schedule, our rosters, our rules, and our post-season tournament. We should have draft game schedules later this week.

For 13u and Prep, we expect our coaches to attend a Greater Hudson Valley League scheduling meeting to plan out the season very soon. As of tonight, there are 41 teams enrolled in 13u; and 15 in 15u.

Generally speaking, we anticipate the following schedule:

  • Practices begin on or about June 17
  • Games begin first week of July
  • Playoffs run in first two weeks of August
  • 15-20 game regular season schedule

Your coaches will be in touch regarding practice days and times for your specific team. Obviously, the boys will need plenty of workouts to mirror a robust "Spring Training". In addition to keeping the kids safe from the virus, we are also extremely focused on avoiding injuries through proper preparation and training.

This all leaves one final step before we can begin - The Town of Greenwich must open our fields. We hope for some information on this later this week once GHS graduation is complete.

Please reply with any questions, concerns or ideas. And we'll keep everyone updated on new developments as we get closer to seeing you at the field.

Greenwich Cannons Coaches & Staff


June 4 Update:

Hi Cannons Families,

It's June. We hope June means baseball. Of course, we hope it also means fewer illnesses, and more victories as we fight the virus. We know those two goals work hand-in-hand.

Current status is that we have multiple plans in place to resume the season. The baseball is truly the easy part.

Our teams need nothing more than open fields to begin workouts. The consensus as we have all heard is that June 20th could be the day. That's the day we are working toward to begin the season.

13u and PREP UPDATE:

The Greater Hudson Valley league has posted a daily update on their website of teams registered for their age divisions. There will be great competition at both the 13u and 15u levels once we begin.

They have also updated their target dates regularly for beginning the season. Currently, they have June 26th listed as potential opening day.


For our Legion teams, the opponents we have traditionally played in our Zone - Ridgefield, Wilton, Westport, Stratford, Fairfield and Trumbull - are all committed to a Summer Season. Stamford has opted out.

At this point, we are deciding whether or not to join a state-wide conference with other Legion teams, or form our own. In the end, our schedule will be the same either way.

So there is not much new in the past 10 days - other than increased optimism brought on by our state's partial re-opening. We now just need state officials to open fields and green-light our baseball season.

For planning, let's be ready to get on the field June 20th. Of course, your coaches may be wearing masks, players may be asked to maintain some distance, and there will be plenty of hand sanitizer around. That seems to be OK with everyone. We are ready to implement as many safety measures as is required.

As always, reply with any questions, concerns or ideas. And we'll keep you updated as new developments happen.

Greenwich Cannons Coaches & Staff


May 20 Update:

Hi Cannons Families,

Happy First CT Re-opening Day. We hope everyone is hanging in there.

Bunch of updates today as we continue working in cooperation with CT American Legion Baseball and The Greater Hudson Valley Baseball League.


Rather than idling along waiting for guidance, there are several groups actively communicating with State officials to create guidelines for resuming youth baseball.

You may have seen the recent Hartford Courant story about a large group of coaches and advocates that have presented a plan - including social distancing measures - to Governor Lamont's advisory committee for review.

And as we said in the last update, in addition to being part of the group mentioned above, CT American Legion Baseball has formed it's own committee to prepare for a Summer season involving CT Legion programs.

This may be a bit confusing as national American Legion has pulled their support for 2020. The "new" league would be run outside of official Legion management, but with many of the usual opponents for our senior and junior teams. (Side note: We have received notice that Stamford Legion will not be participating. They have canceled their 2020 season.)

The Greater Hudson Valley Baseball League continues to adjust their timelines and advocate for a summer season. They have also committed to expanding as much as necessary to accommodate teams at all levels. So our 13u and Prep teams remain committed there - and the GHVBL provides a backup option for our older teams should they need it.

The general consensus timeline seems to be targeting a "spring training" period in late June for teams to begin workouts, with game schedules beginning in early July. Playoffs would run into mid-August.

So...despite not having confirmation that fields will open, or that youth baseball will be allowed to happen at all this Summer - there are many, many people advocating on the behalf of baseball families across Connecticut. Social distancing and other safety recommendations are being proposed. Schedules have already been drafted. And behind the scenes, details like insurance, umpires, and team gear are being advanced.

The wheels are turning. We wish there were confirmed dates to share, but we are just not there yet.


All Team Store orders and season gear packages have arrived at Mike Genaro's house in Glenville (17 Bishop Dr N, 06831). 

Our vendor in upstate NY does a great job of shipping the orders in individual bags so they are sorted and ready for pickup.

Rather than arranging individual pickup times, Mike will place the orders on tables in his driveway Friday morning, May 22. Feel free to drive by and grab your gear - preferably early on Friday. Each bag is clearly marked with player names.

[One quick note on the gear: Should there not be a season, The Cannons will be asking families for a contribution toward the cost of their player's gear. A note with details will follow in the unfortunate event the season is canceled.]


As always, please with any questions. If you have thoughts, ideas, hesitations, or concerns, please share them with us. Input from families is invaluable to shape our recommendations to the state.

We will do our best to keep everyone informed. Hopefully we have a Breaking News Alert to send soon with dates for a 2020 season.

Thanks and hope to see everyone soon.

Greenwich Cannons Coaches and Staff...


May 12 Update:

Hi Everyone,

Lots of news hit the street today regarding CT American Legion Baseball canceling the 2020 season. This news impacts only our Senior and Junior teams. And it does not mean the 2020 Greenwich Cannons summer season is canceled. It is not.

It is true that our Senior and Junior teams will not play a traditional American Legion schedule with playoffs and a state tournament. But as of now there are two main alternatives being considered:

  1. Create our own schedule with other American Legion teams across the area and state. Essentially, we could play a schedule very similar to "normal", just without the support of American Legion Baseball.
  2. Join the GHVBL. This is the league where our 13u and Prep teams are set to play this summer.

All Zone 4 Legion teams we have heard from in the past 12 hours since the news broke are considering both of these options. For teams farther east like Westport and Fairfield, the GHVBL option is not as attractive so they are pushing for option 1.

A third option - playing a tournament schedule - could also be considered. It is only a third option because at this point there is no guarantee those facilities will be given the green light to open this summer.

So despite this decision by CT American Legion, the fate of our season for all four teams remains dependent on the same factors: When will fields open; and what social distancing guidelines will be required for a season to possibly resume.

We will continue to monitor the developments and keep everyone updated.

For now, stay positive, stay safe, and stay ready. 

Greenwich Cannons Coaches & Staff


May 8 Update:

Hopefully you all are remaining healthy and avoiding any direct impacts from the virus. 

With Governor Lamont's announcement this week clarifying the fate of the 2020 spring HS sports season, our attention is now focused in two places:

1. Ben Nash, Jack Griffin, Hunter Gruenstrass, Jake Mondschein, Toph Genaro. These Cannons seniors lost their final year of HS baseball. It hurts for them and their families. Wish we could get it back for them. 

2. The timeline for a Summer baseball season.

The Cannons, CT American Legion Baseball, and the Greater Hudson Valley Baseball League are all moving forward with plans to begin the season the moment we are permitted to do so. We know that if there is a season, it will be governed by new social distancing elements implemented into our game.

At this point, The Cannons have received no guidance from town officials beyond what we all read in the news. Municipalities across Connecticut are following the lead of State officials regarding fields opening and updated social distancing guidelines for outdoor sports. No activities can begin until fields are opened.

It is our assumption that you, The Cannons Families, share our enthusiasm for getting the boys together again on the field. Please feel free to reply with any thoughts or concerns your family has about a potential resumption of on-field activities.

We will keep everyone updated on timelines as we hear from the town parks and rec department. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas as we navigate the 2020 season together.

All the Best.

Greenwich Cannons Coaches & Staff.


April 24 Update:

Hi Everyone,

How's everyone holding up? Hopefully cabin fever is the only illness anyone has to deal with so far.

While everyone is staying safe at home - it's a great time to do what you can in the backyard to be ready to go when they open our fields.

Feel free to reach out to your coaches for drills and workouts you can do at home. When our season resumes, there will be only a brief "spring training" period so coming to camp with your arm ready to go is important.

There are so many variables impacting the resumption of our 2020 baseball season. The re-opening of schools and fields is by far the most important one. As we are sure everyone knows, CT's current quarantine is in effect until May 20.

Here's a summary of recent updates:

1. The CIAC (CT interscholastic sports governing body) announced on Thursday that all spring HS sports state tournaments have been cancelled. They DID NOT, however, cancel entire seasons.

Should Gov. Lamont open schools after May 20, the rumor is that HS baseball could be played, with a 30-day conference schedule running from June 1 - June 30.

Should schools remain closed, then the HS season would obviously be cancelled.

2. As parks and golf courses re-open in Greenwich, albeit on a limited basis and with significant social distancing guidelines in place, we have been given no indication that baseball fields could also open soon. No doubt, specific social distancing and sterilization rules would need to be adopted before they do.

3. For our 13u and Prep teams, the Greater Hudson Valley Baseball League is tentatively planning for a June 6th Opening Day. This is based on the optimistic view that re-open dates set by NY (May 15) and CT (May 20) actually happen. Of course, should those dates be extended, and fields remain closed, GHVBL will announce revised dates.

4. CT American Legion Baseball's governing board has been working very hard to prepare for any scenario. Today, they posted on their web site a timeline grid outlining potential season schedules based on possible start dates. Based on their plan, with a start date as late as July 6th a full season could be played and concluded by August 9. Here's the grid:



5. Cannons Gear - I have been in constant contact with Rainbow Lettering regarding all of our orders. The items families ordered through the team store are complete and ready to be shipped. In fact, they were set to go the day Rainbow Lettering was deemed "non-essential" and shut down. Those will ship to us the day they re-open.

We will keep everyone up-to-date as developments warrant on the baseball front. Tom McGrath is in contact with town parks and rec on a regular basis, and we have coaches on the Cannons staff with a direct connection to First Selectman Camillo. Not sure if everyone knows but Mr. Camillo has been involved in Greenwich baseball for decades. He is definitely an advocate who wants the kids back on the field as soon as it is safe.

Thanks, Everyone and please reply with any questions.

Greenwich Cannons Coaches & Staff


March 29 Update:

Hi Cannons Families,

The Cannons Coaches and Board wanted to check in and say hello as we all manage way too much time on our hands.

We have not heard that any Cannons families have been directly impacted by the virus. Hopefully that is indeed the case and everyone is safe has avoided the worst so far. And we certainly send our thanks to all those working in the healthcare community.

On the baseball front, we have received updates from both the Greater Hudson Valley League and CT American Legion Baseball. As you can imagine, there are still more questions than answers.

Here's a quick synopsis of the information we've heard so far. Of course, any resumption of play relies on towns allowing schools, parks and fields to be opened. 

From CT American Legion:

Each town continues to prepare for all possible outcomes. Essentially, these are the possible scenarios:

  1. Start Legion play early because the high school baseball season is cancelled.
  2. Start Legion play later in the summer because of an extended high school baseball season.
  3. Start Legion play in the fall because the summer season is canceled.  
  4. Start Legion play in early June as past seasons.

If the high school season occurs, then Legion play will be prepared to start one day after the HS season ends.

From GHVBL (copied directly from their email to member programs):

After reviewing the announcements/decisions along with many other peer leagues, the GHVBL is staying consistent & will align similar to the Cal Ripken position that states, “follow the safeguards set in place by their Local, State and Federal government agencies in regard to delaying/suspending league activities to protect the members of their community…”

With this all said, our hope of progress & loosening of the local restrictions is not happening yet – so we have decided a 4/4 start date is not logical at this time. We are pushing out our start date of the GHVBL league year and will re-evaluate and update on a weekly basis based on the Local, State, and Federal guidelines….. For those looking for a specific date – we are now revising our planned start to Saturday, April 18th – subject to change based on these same Local, State, and Federal guidelines…

Starting on this date (4/18) would allow us to have a full Spring season (with a slight extension) and keep us on track in 2020. Additional delays past 4/18 will make it necessary to for us to restructure the GHVBL baseball calendar for 2020. Several ideas are on the table and will be considered.

At this time, there is no need for any action. Hold tight, we will update you weekly (or more frequently as needed). We are in a holding mode.

As we all know, the information changes so fast messages are often out-of-date the moment we receive them. For example, not sure anyone believes a 4/18 start date for GHVBL is even within the realm of possibility.

The position of the Cannons leadership remains consistent - we will resume activities once officials re-open schools, allow large gatherings, and re-open fields.

So what can you do now?

To get ahead of the paperwork curve, players on the Cannons Junior and Senior teams can take a few minutes to complete your ALB Form #2. Click here to complete the form online. What better activity for a rainy, chilly day in isolation?

Otherwise, all we can do is commit to these social distancing guidelines and do our part to stop the spread of the virus.

One could certainly argue that the baseball community is the sports group most impacted by the effects of the virus. Let's continue to be part of the solution and stay home. That's the best way to get on the field as fast as possible.

Thanks, Everyone.
Greenwich Cannons Coaches & Staff

by posted 05/17/2020
Cannons Updates
   In Loving Memory of
Our Friend Bonnie Bancroft
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"Coaches Carbino and Tarantino, Thanks for everything.
The word on the bleachers is how much the boys enjoy the team and how much they like their coaches. They feel they are learning lots, they respect all of you and they love playing for you guys.  That's not easy to accomplish with teenaged boys. Whatever you guys are doing --- it's working. 
[Our son] is so happy. He really loves playing for you. Fingers crossed he stays healthy as he starts looking into colleges and playing after high school."
We look forward to the rest of the season!
- Junior Cannons Family, 2017

"We cannot say enough great things about Greenwich Cannons baseball. Having just moved to the area, our son (and our family) was welcomed by dedicated and knowledgeable coaches, a motivated and talented team, and a fantastic group of parents.  Coaches Carbino and Kalinski provided the perfect balance of competitive baseball and fun, and approached their roles as coaches and mentors to the kids with genuine enthusiasm and respect. The Cannons experience was the highlight of our first summer in Greenwich. We can't wait for the 2017 season!"

-The Blanchard Family

"Being part of the Greenwich Cannons organization has been such a great experience over the past two years. On the both the Junior Team, with Coach Carbino, and the Senior Team, with Coach Abate, my skills have improved tremendously. They're real great guys and have helped me become a better baseball player and a person."

-Aaron Schur, Senior Cannons Player

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